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At a Marttinen school camp, the participants’ and group’s aims play an important role. At Marttinen and other youth centres’  school camps, young people learn and develop though practical activities and trying new things. The  school camps support the achievement of the national primary curriculum’s learning goals. The Finnish youth centres are Finland’s largest organiser of school camps, with over 800 school camps organised annually by them.

Marttinen already has 25 years of targeted, quality school camp organisation to its name. Careful planning, professional staff and a safe environment for activities guarantee a successful experience that the whole group can enjoy.

The Education and Culture Ministry supports the social and educational work done by the youth centres, and this is reflected in our pricing. Prices vary by programme and season. On average, a day at school camp with full board costs about 50€/person.


The Marttinen school camp starts at 46,00 € / person.

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An aims-focused school camp Winter school camp offer

Late spring and early autumn are the school camp season. However, what if there was a school camp in winter — what would it be possible to do then? The Marttinen youth centre winter camp programme has a wide variety of activities on offer in winter, too. The accommodation consists of hotel rooms, which can be used year-round, and Marttinen also has a special winter school camp offer which can save you money.

You can find examples of winter activities in the Enjoy Winter, Release Your Creativity and Indoor Exercise sections.

Winter offer for school camps

Full board and two programmes for each camp school day for the first person to book each week
(1.11.2020 - 31.1.2021) 46,00 € / person VAT 0%
(1.10. - 31.10.2020, 1.2. - 31.4.2021) 51,00€ / person VAT 0%

The price includes two programmes for each school camp day, accommodation in 2–6 bed dorms with the camper’s own linen, breakfast, lunch and dinner, one self-organised sauna slot per group, a supervised disco on Wednesdays, and equipment and rooms for self-organised activities (when reserved) until 21:00. For an extra price, evening snacks, bed linen and additional sauna slots are available.

VAT is not added to the prices.

The teacher, camp counsellors and driver, if there is a driver, stay on the same premises as the students.

Page modified: 10 Dec 2020

Logo of Finnish Youth Centres AssociationMarttinen is one of the nine centres supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

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