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The Marttinen youth centre has organised camps in cooperation with a range of organisations for 25 years. In planning the camps, organisers can draw on the youth centre staff’s experience and skills. The organisers and camp leaders can concentrate on their jobs, secure in the knowledge that the routines of the camp are looked after reliably and with experience by Marttinen. The idyllic, culturally historic and modern environment of Marttinen suits confirmation camps, confirmation leader training, other youth camps, sport club camps and family camps.

Confirmation camps

For confirmation camps, the Marttinen youth centre, built around the Old Vicarage building, offers a wealth of opportunities, including pleasant classrooms and a chapel for silent reflection and divine service. You can also add activities to the camps to help participants experience the themes of the camp in a practical way.

At Marttinen, it is possible to organise a confirmation camp thematically, as an adventure camp or as a green one (“Vihreä ripari”).

For congregations’ use:
Marttinen’s own chapel, communion vessels, hymn and choir books, songbooks, guitar, grand piano, electric piano, nature walk, lean-to or hut.


Full board rate 51,00 € / person VAT 0%
Full board rate for winter time (1.1.2020 - 31.3.2020) 46,50 € / person VAT 0%

The price includes accommodation in 2–6 bed dorms with the camper’s own bed linens, breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, at confirmation camps there is an evening snack and, for the group, two self-organised sauna slots, and equipment and rooms for self-organised activities (when reserved) until 9 pm. For an extra price, evening snacks, bed linen and additional sauna slots are available.

VAT is not added to the prices.

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Page modified: 29 Nov 2019

Marttinen is one of the nine centres supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

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